Posted by: Bob | March 21, 2011

To succeed you must prepare

It was a long wet run that taught me an important lesson to respect this sport. My training since IMAZ has been all over the place with my work schedule and trying to recover financially from the previous year of Ironman. This sport is not to be taken lightly and to do your best you must put in the hours and hours of training. The focus behind the workout is also important, but even though I have been training well for the past 6 weeks for Oceanside and the LA Marathon, it proved to be not enough. Some will say the elements were bad with the cold, rain, and wind, but with the right amount of training, that would not bother you. My teammates did a great job running this race and they were all well prepared to run. I have decided that I will be better prepared before I enter another race. I’m pleased with the finish of my run and I know that for that day, it was the best I could give, but I know that I will do better next time. So, if you’re entering the sport of triathlon or running and you think you can just do it, without the proper preparation, think again. You will pay for it and it will be a very long day for you.   Success is the evidence of proper preparation.


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